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GearJunkie presents Salomon's Ambassador Program Application 

Please complete the questions below to apply to be a member of Salomon's Outdoor ambassador program.

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16.  Are you involved in any outdoor groups in your area? (Hike Groups, Meet Ups, etc.)
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18.  Please upload a photo of yourself that demonstrates your passion for the outdoors.
19.  Are you an ambassador for other brands? If so, which ones?
20.  Have you used Salomon products before? If so, which ones and tell us about your experience with them.
21.  Describe your perfect day in the mountains.
22.  What ingredients are in your perfect trail mix?
23.   Tell us why you should be on the Salomon Squad?
24.  What would you be willing to do as a member of the Salomon Squad?
25.  Where do you usually shop for outdoor equipment?
26.   If you answered "local specialty shop" or "other", tell us where exactly, please.
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