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Designer Protein Brand Ambassador Program Application 

Hi there, we are excited you are here! Please complete the application questions below and connect all of your relevant social accounts to apply to be a Designer Protein Brand Ambassador. Can't wait to learn more about you!

1.  Enter your Name
2.  Select your Gender
3.  Enter your Date Of Birth
4.  Enter your Email
5.  Select your Social Login

Log in with all that apply; must at least log in with Instagram (Please note: This is what we will use to track your posts, so please add whatever social profiles you will use as a Designer Protein Ambassador)

6.  Enter a Phone Number
7.  Enter your Shipping Address
8.  Select a Protein Preference
9.  Enter a Flavor Preference
10.  Which type of sponsorship are you seeking?
11.  Have you used Designer Protein Before?

If so, specify which product (Designer Whey, Aria Women's Wellness Protein, Designer Protein LITE, Essential 10, Sunshine Protein)

12.  Tell us about yourself and why you are a good fit for Designer Protein.

Hint: how do you align with our product and our culture?

13.  What are your passions?

What get's you fired up?

14.  What will you contribute to the ambassador program?

Check all that apply

15.  If you have a blog or website, please provide the URL

(not required)

16.  Are you currently supported by any other nutrition companies?

This doesn't necessarily disqualify you from an ambassadorship.

17.  Are you associated with any retailers? If so, please name.

Have you worked with any grocery or specialty retailers a rep or have a specific agreement to promote their stores?

18.  Why do you want to work with Designer Protein, versus any other protein company?
19.  Do you have any dietary restrictions?
20.  If you specified "other", please explain.
21.  What type of proteins are you interested in?
22.  Please upload an action photo or a casual headshot. This will be used on our website. (square is best)

This will be used on our ambassador page on our website if selected. Make sure the photo is cropped square. Keep it fun!

23.  Please provide a short bio. (Just a couple of sentences please!)

This short bio will be used on the current ambassador page on our website. Keep it short and sweet. Example: "Nonprofit action sports marketing manager, snowboarder, writer, health + wellness advocate, snow chaser and adventurer."

24.  How did you hear about the Designer Protein ambassador program?